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Utilisation of 2016 European Union - Faroe Islands Bilateral Fisheries Agreement

Jennifer Russell, Arina Motova, Hazel Curtis

The Seafish Pelagic Industry Issues Group (SPIIG) asked Seafish to undertake an independent analysis of the utilisation by the UK and rest of EU of the 2016 EU-Faroe bilateral agreement and the utilisation of the agreement by Faroe Islands. This report is the third project undertaken by Seafish for PIIG and follows similar approach as the previous reports (published in 2016 and 2015).

November 2017Download PDF

Working on UK fishing vessels: the legal framework and support for fishers. November 2017.

Karen Green

There is a fundamental requisite to monitor the welfare of the fishing crews working on UK vessels in UK waters, as well as globally. This document highlights the key UK and global legislation that is helping now, or will help in the future, to ensure fishers have minimum standards and decent conditions of work on board fishing vessels. It also details: the health and safety requirements for all those working on UK fishing vessels; the voluntary initiatives in place to help improve the conditions on board fishing vessels for all commercial fishers; the international guidelines that support basic human and labour rights principles across the whole fisheries sector; and the appropriate authorities, organisations and charities who are working to support the industry, and improve governance, safety and welfare within UK fishing. This document updates the December 2014 document entitled 'The legal framework for working on UK fishing vessels' and the October 2016 document 'Working on UK fishing vessels: the legal framework and support for fishers.

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Seafish Brussels Brexit Update 20/11/2017 – 27/11/2017

Cristina Fernandez

The implications of Brexit on the Irish Border; Brexit: European Commission welcomes decision by EU27 Member States to relocate UK-based Agencies; Outcome of the Council of the EU on General Affairs - Article 50; Brexit: the November negotiations; Why Brexit is shrouded in ambiguity?; IRU (the global industry association for road transport) position on Brexit; Brexit impact in the North Sea Region; Brexit – the Voices of European Business; Policy paper - Industrial Strategy: the Grand Challenges

November 2017Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Seafood Regulation Update 22/11/2017 – 29/11/2017

Cristina Fernandez

Changes in the EU reference laboratory for monitoring the viral and bacterial contamination of bivalve molluscs; Combating Transnational Organised Crime in the fishing industry: Global Challenges and International Cooperation;US: changes affecting US stakeholders that export fishery products directly to the European Union; India, EU hold discussions on proposed free trade agreement; The life history puzzle of body size and temperature; Possible illegal bluefin tuna imports; Import controls on Vietnamese Panga

November 2017Download PDF

Marine Legislation Newsletter – November 2017

Sarah Horsfall

Scotland – Review of Inshore Mackerel Fishery Trial; Consultation on the Environment and Pesticides; Consultation on Pharmaceuticals in the Environment; Import of Far Eastern Shrimp and the Environment; Project Primefish; EU Parliament – Research Paper on Recreational and Semi-Subsistence Fishing; New Aquatic Animal Health Legislation; Announcement on New Environmental Body; Changes to the EURL for Molluscs following Brexit

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