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Seafish Brussels Brexit Update 10/08/2018 – 17/08/2018

James Warwick

PM May Denied Opportunity to Negotiate Directly with EU 27 at Salzburg Summit; Barnier: UK’s EU Exit a ‘lose-lose’ Situation; First Minster Convenes Summit on EU Exit and the Scottish Seafood Sector; Expat Group Launch Legal Challenge to ‘nullify referendum vote’; UK Ministers to Press Pharmaceuticals Companies to Stockpile Drugs as ‘no deal’ Contingency Plan

August 2018Download PDF

Chilled Seafood in Multiple Retail (2018)

Richard Watson

The chilled seafood sector continues to take the largest share of the multiple retail seafood market with a wide range of segments and species. It is unique in being the only seafood sector in consistent growth from 2007 to 2017. However, pressure from falling shopper confidence and reduced spending power has seen chilled volume continue to decline in 2018.

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Seafish Brussels Brexit Update 17/08/2018 – 29/08/2018

James Warwick

Barnier Issues Statement Confirming ‘continuous negotiation’ as Talks near Final Stages; Foreign Secretary Optimistic Over Post-EU Exit UK/US Trade Deal; Government Publishes ‘no-deal’ EU Exit Technical Notes; Scottish Minister Calls on UK Government to Rule Out ‘no-deal’ EU Exit Outcome

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Factsheet - Mackerel (2018 Update)

Suzi Pegg

This factsheet provides a summary of the United Kingdom (UK) value chain for mackerel. It is intended to inform stakeholders of the UK seafood industry about the performance of the mackerel product. In 2017 the volume of UK mackerel supply increased through a rise in import volume. However, landings and export volume of mackerel experienced declines. In 2018 (up to latest available data) sales of mackerel in retail increased and commercial food service decreased.

August 2018Download PDF

Tariffs on seafood imported into the EU

Ivan Bartolo

This information document gives an explanation of tariffs and tariff regimes in force in Europe. It gives some backround into the preferential tariff regimes such as the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP), and how tariffs are affected by trade arrangements between the EU and other countries. It gives some examples of tariff-free or low-tariff quotas, including autonomous tariff quotas (ATQs). This document is an update to the March 2017 document on seafood tariffs.

July 2018Download PDF