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Halibut Hatchery Report, 1990 – 1995

J.E. Dye

Continuous modification of both equipment and procedures at MFU Ardtoe have resulted in developing a successful rearing technology involving a high level of environmental control throughout the early rearing stages. Problem areas remaining are identified.

May 1996Paper

The determination of the optimal exploitation pattern of western mackerel stocks

John O.S. Kennedy


Pair Trawl Trial Results - Aquila/Poseidon

C. Brady

This report contains the trials results measured on two warp vessels - MV "Aquila" and MV "Poseidon" - whilst towing a FMA Buckie Pair Trawl, BT 154. The results have been averaged for each tow but no analysis is presented. It is intended as an information document from which analysis and subsequently reports of the findings will be prepared.

December 1984Paper

Trials of Fish Prawn Separator Trawls on Fishing Grounds in the Irish Sea - ICES Area VIIA

B. Ashcroft

A separator panel inserted horizontally over the full length of a conventional trawl at a height of about 0.5m has been shown to be effective in separating mature whiting from prawns, this improves the quality. It is not effective with cod and dogs.

September 1984Paper

Shooting and Hauling the Trawl on a Stern Trawler

P. Math's

November 1965Paper