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2005 Economic Survey of the UK Fishing Fleet - Short Report

J Anderson, H Curtis, R Boyle, K Graham

The 2005 economic survey of the UK fishing fleet is the most recent nationwide costs and earnings survey of the sector, and is a comprehensive update of work carried out be Seafish Economics in 2001. This new study presents the latest economic information on 24 segments of the commercial UK fishing fleet. Published February 2007.

February 2007N/A

Appropriate Assessment Good Practice Guidelines

Mark Gray

A summary of guidelines to ensure those subject to an Appropriate Assessment are aware of the key areas that need to be addressed.

December 2006N/A

Seafish Economics Key Features: West of Scotland nephrops fishery - Review of issues facing the industry

H C Curtis, S M Anton

During a review of sector performance, the West of Four Fisheries Management Group (WOFFMG) identified issues adversely affecting the profitability of dependent vessel businesses and the sustainability of the nephrops stock in the west of Scotland area. In order to solve the problems effectively, industry representatives and Highland Council officials agreed that they should seek assistance from the Scottish Executive to tackle the issues in a structured way. Their first priorities were to gain a better understanding of the causes and implications of the issues, and to obtain fishermen’s views on possible solutions. Seafish research conducted in the first half of 2006 showed the scale and scope of these issues, recorded the views of fishermen on some possible solutions, and the study report recommends next steps to identifying agreed solutions.

December 2006N/A

Scottish Fleet Financial Performance 2006 Mid-Year Review

H Curtis, S Anton

This report looks at the mid-year fleet financial performance for Scottish vessels.

December 2006N/A

Economic comparison of single-rig and twin-rig trawl for nephrops

H Curtis, M Myers

This report illustrates the costs and benefits of twin-rig trawl for nephrops compared with single-rig trawl.

December 2006N/A