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Landing Obligation Economic Impact Assessment (EIA). Interim Report Two: Scenario Analysis

Jennifer Russell, Simon Mardle, Hazel Curtis

This report includes comparisons of the relative effects of policy levers on the economic impact of the landing obligation on six UK key fleet segments

July 2015Download PDF

Landing Obligation Economic Impact Assessment Final Report

Jennifer Russell, Simon Mardle, Hazel Curtis, Rod Cappell, Sébastien Metz

The economic impact assessment has four primary goals: analyse the potential consequences of the landing obligation for the UK fleet – if there is no substantive change in fishing patterns; explore the potential value of different policy levers to the UK fleet; identify potential choke stocks and their associated choke points in different sea areas, and for different fleet segments; and communicate the areas of greatest challenge with regards to mitigating the impact of the landing obligation in the UK.

February 2016Download PDF

Omega 3 Qualitative Consumer Research

Seafish Marketing and Reynier Research Ltd

Reynier Research was commissioned by Seafish to undertake a programme of research into consumer awareness and understanding of omega 3.

2007Download PDF

Profitable Futures for Fishing Final Report

Seafish Economics

The Profitable Futures for Fishing Report identifies actions which would improve vessel business profit in each major segment of the Scottish fleet. Contains the recommended actions which were considered to be top priority or most worthwhile whilst providing insight into the longer term aims and ambitions of the different fleet segments.

August 2009Download PDF

Profitable Futures for Fishing First Interim Report

Seafish Economics

This report is intended to give a preliminary overview of the first three consultation events held for scallops, nephrops and demersal sectors of the fleet for inclusion. Which was then considered together during the final analysis and evaluation phase of the project and the outcomes of that which were included in the final report.

August 2009Download PDF