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Food Regulation Newsletter – February 2018

Fiona Wright, Ivan Bartolo, Cristina Fernández, Sarah Horsfall

FDF Trade Association Round Table Meeting; Business Expert Group on Food Labelling and Standards; Business Expert Group on Food Hygiene; New Information Service from the FSA Customs Update; Conference “Food Safety in the EU: Maintaining High Standards and Ensuring Transparency of Information”; MAC meetings Working Groups I, II and III, Marine Legislation

February 2018Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Seafood Regulation Update 01/02/2018 – 14/02/2018

Cristina Fernandez

Assessment of a decontamination process for dioxins and PCBs from fish meal by replacement of fish oil; Fact-finding mission carried out in the United Kingdom concerning synergies of official controls with food business operators' own-checks and third party certification schemes; Market study on date marking and other information provided on food labels and food waste prevention - Final Report; EU Auditors to examine food safety policy; Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed. Section Novel Food and Toxicological Safety of the Food Chain; Codex Committee on contaminants in food

February 2018Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Brexit Update 12/02/2018 – 19/02/2018

Cristina Fernandez

Trade relations between the EU and UK after that country has left the EU; Goods on the market post-Brexit; Brexit and the EP: What it means for fisheries & seafood; Transitional Arrangements in Withdrawal Agreement; Seeking post-Brexit unity, EU leaders find more fights; Dutch to hire 750 new customs agents before Brexit; Irish SMEs pessimistic about Brexit; Trade in Food - Third Report of Session 2017–19; Ed Balls survey finds majority of businesses do not want to leave customs union; HMRC office closures: some staff working on Brexit ‘could face redundancies'; Brexit consequences for EU climate and energy policy

February 2018Download PDF

Aquaculture e-alert January 2018

Karen Green

Monthly aquaculture e-alert highlighting news items, legislation and reports.

February 2018Download PDF

The Seafish Big Picture 2018

Steve Lawrence, Ana Witteveen

Formerly known as the UK Industry Dashboard, the Big Picture aims to give an overview of the main issues impacting the industry via infographics, graphs and maps, and includes contributions from a variety of experts from all across Seafish. The Big Picture is for everyone - from those who know nothing about the fishing industry but want a quick and convenient way to learn about some of the major issues to dedicated industry experts who need a way of communicating the answers to big questions like ‘what’s happening in fishing right now?’.

February 2018Download PDF