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Publications & Reports

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Marine Legislation Newsletter – June 2018

Sarah Horsfall

Consultation on 3rd Tranche MPAs; Consultation on Offshore Wind Marine Planning; Consultation on RBMPs; Eel Fisheries; Environmental Principles and Governance post Brexit; European Lobster Market Questionnaire; Open Method of Coordination for Aquaculture; Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive; Working Document on Conservation Measures; Multi-Annual Plan for North Sea; ICES Paper on Welfare of Aquatic Animals

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Seafish Brussels Brexit Update 07/05/2018 – 05/06/2018

Cristina Fernandez

Continued exercise of EU rights by Irish citizens residing in the North after Brexit; Pending and planned legislative proposals for the purposes of Brexit preparedness; European Commission and United Kingdom publish Joint Statement outlining further progress in Article 50 negotiations; Council authorises opening of negotiations with WTO members on Brexit-related adjustment; slides on UK technical note on temporary customs arrangements

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Utilisation of 2016 European Union - Faroe Islands Bilateral Fisheries Agreement

Jennifer Russell, Arina Motova, Hazel Curtis

The Seafish Pelagic Industry Issues Group (SPIIG) asked Seafish to undertake an independent analysis of the utilisation by the UK and rest of EU of the 2016 EU-Faroe bilateral agreement and the utilisation of the agreement by Faroe Islands. This report is the third project undertaken by Seafish for PIIG and follows similar approach as the previous reports (published in 2016 and 2015).

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Seafish Economic Analysis: UK king scallop dredging sector 2008 - 2016, 2nd Edition, final 2016 data

Hazel Curtis, Marta Moran Quintana, Arina Motova, Ana Witteveen

In 2015 the Scallop Industry Consultation Group (SICG) raised concerns over declining profits in ICES area 7 (including the English Channel and Irish Sea). In response to these concerns Seafish was asked to conduct an economic analysis of king scallop dredge vessels. This report illustrates the economic and operational performance of UK vessels dependent on king scallops in 2008-2016.

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Final CLG minutes for 20 March 2018 meeting

Karen Green

Final minutes of the Common Language Group meeting held in London on 20 March 2018.

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