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A Guide for Ecological Risk Assessment of the Effects of Commercial Fishing (ERAEF)

John Cotter, William Lart

Wild capture marine fisheries are, by definition, dependant on the natural processes of marine ecosystems. Traditionally single species stock assessments have focussed on the dynamics of individual species. However, there is increasing awareness that fisheries assessments should not be separated from their supporting ecosystem. This report reviews ecosystem risk assessessment methods and describes in detail the method evolved in Australia by CSIRO.

March 2011Download PDF

Hygiene & Cleaning in the Seafood Industry

L. Cooper

This module which includes a DVD costs £25 including postage and packaging. Please email or telephone 01472 252302 to order a copy. This training programme is also available as a taught courses and an eLearning programme. For information on training providers or to access the eLearning course, please go to the Seafood Training Academy website,

February 2011DVD

Fish & Shellfish Identification

John Foster, Nia Whiteley

Originally published in 1989 as an open learning module, this technical guide to the identification of fish and shellfish is now only available as a pdf file online. In 2008 Seafish developed and released a DVD guide to seafood identification. Both the pdf and the DVD complement the information on seafood species available on the Seafood Training Academy website ( in the guide to seafood species gallery of the website. For a copy of the Seafood Identification DVD see the Seafish training materials pricelist.

March 2008Download PDF

Motivation and training guide for employers

Richard Wardell, Anne Wallace, Clive Monk, Gary Hooper

This guide is aimed at small and medium sized seafood businesses including fish & chip shops and independent fishmongers. It covers aspects of staff motivation including teamwork and having fun. Real life examples are provided by seafood businesses. The training section includes guidance on how to deliver in-house training in an effective manner. To order a copy for £5, please email or telephone 01472 252302. Alternatively, you can download this document for free.

March 2008Download PDF

Strike Back – Hygiene & Cleaning in the Seafood Industry (DVD)

Lee Cooper, Karen Green

This DVD costs £10 which includes postage and packaging. Please email or telephone 01472 252302 to order a copy. This DVD also comes free with each purchase of the Hygiene & Cleaning in the Seafood Industry open learning module.

January 2006DVD