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UK seafood processing sector - quarterly update (January - March 2018)

Hazel Curtis, Lewis Cowie, Ana Witteveen

This report presents the findings of the second Seafish quaterly survey of recruitment in the seafood processing sector. The report covers January to March 2018 and presents information on factors affecting recruitment, barriers to recruiting British staff, and adaptations companies would make if they were unable to recruit enough staff.

May 2018Download PDF

UK Seafood Processing Sector Labour Report 2018

Hazel Curtis, Lewis Cowie, Ana Witteveen, Arina Motova, Marta Moran Quintana

This report presents the findings of Seafish's annual survey of workforce composition in the seafood processing sector in 2017 and results of the first quarterly survey on ease of recruitment and retention of staff in the seafood processing sector.

March 2018Download PDF

Seafood Week 2017 an evaluation

Heather Middleton

Seafood Week evaluation

December 2017Download PDF

Quay Issues: Fleet Economic Performance Dataset 2008-16

Steve Lawrence, Arina Motova, Jennifer Russell

The Seafish Fleet Economic Performance Dataset provides a detailed insight into the financial and operational performance of the fleet between 2008 and 2016 alongside analysis produced by the Seafish Economics team.

November 2017Download PDF

2016 Seafood Processing Industry Report

Struan Noble, Marta Moran Quintana, Hazel Curtis

The 2016 Seafood Processing Industry Report presents accurate up-to-date economic data and commentary to serve, where appropriate, as an evidence base for business decisions, policy discussions, and further research. This report provides details on the structure and size of the industry such as regional distribution, size of firms, type of broad fish species processed, type of processing activity undertaken and financial performance.

March 2017Download PDF