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UK seafood supply base to 2030

Dr Angus Garrett, Dr Alex Caveen. Seafsh

October 2018Download PDF

DAG news e-alert. August to October 2018.

Karen Green

This is a monthly update on the latest developments re the Landing Obligation and gear selectivity

October 2018Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Brexit Update 29/08/2018 – 03/09/2018

James Warwick

Barnier indicates potential for unprecedented future relationship post-EU exit; Barnier - ‘Geographical Indicators’ present stumbling block to EU exit agreement; Raab appears before House of Lords Committee; Lidington consults with Scottish Fishermen over post-EU exit fisheries policy; Scottish Government seeks future role in developing post-EU exit trade arrangements

September 2018Download PDF

Seafood in Multiple Retail (2018)

Richard Watson

Total seafood - the sum of chilled, frozen and ambient seafood sectors, continues the long term pattern of price driven growth.. Salmon continues to dominate total seafood with a 33% value share of the top ten species, selling over twice the amount of cod, its nearest competitor. However, the shoppers long term love of salmon may be coming to an end, as salmon volume fell over both the long and short term. Shoppers are instead choosing other farmed species such as warm water prawns, basa, seabass and sea bream. Traditional species have also recently begun to regain popularity with shoppers: with cod, haddock, cold water prawns and ‘mixed seafood’ returning to volume growth.

September 2018Download PDF

Frozen Seafood in Multiple Retail (2018)

Richard Watson

In the 52wks to June 2018, frozen seafood was the only seafood sector in volume growth as shoppers looked to save money in the current economic climate. UK frozen retail seafood sales were worth £910m (+5.6%) with a volume of 135,980 tonnes (+0.4%); with an average price of £6.69/kg (+5.2%). This factsheet examines the detail behind the performance of the frozen seafood sector including historic and current frozen retail seafood sector trends, frozen seafood key performance indicators (KPIs) and frozen segment and species performance

September 2018Download PDF