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Seafish Brussels Update 18/08/2017 – 25/08/2017

Hannah Thompson

Third Round of Brexit Negotiations; Commission Response to UK Position Papers; Enforcement and Dispute Resolution; Continuity in the Availability of Goods for the EU & UK; Confidentiality and Access to Documents; Exchange and Protection of Personal Data; Statistics on UK-EU Trade; Brexit Customs Vision- Frictions and Fictions; FVO audit report on fishery products from Chile; Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines: Global Implementation; Guidance on food safety management systems for small food retailers fish shops; Regional Ocean Governance in Europe: The Role of Fisheries; Draft Report Technical Amendment to the CFP; New EFSA Guidance on ‘Weight of Evidence’ and ‘Biological Relevance’; Codex; CETA

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Seafish Brussels Brexit Update 23/07/2018 – 06/08/2018

James Warwick

Welcome to our 'new look' Brexit newsletter; European Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group Demand Northern Ireland/ Ireland ‘backstop’ as Pre-Requisite to Withdrawal Agreement; Barnier and Raab Announce Progress on Security and Defence Cooperation but Differences Remain over Post-Brexit Bilateral Economic Relationship; Article 50 Taskforce Signals EU’s Hope for an Ambitious Post-Brexit Partnership; Tusk Launches Biannual Council Review Assessing Brexit’s Impact on EU; DExEU Releases White Paper Legislating for the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement

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Seafish Brussels Brexit Update 06/08/2018 – 10/08/2018

James Warwick

Poll Predicts Rise of Anti-EU Sentiment at 2019 European Parliament Elections; Commission Proposes Rerouting Post-Brexit Irish Maritime Freight to Benelux Ports, Sparking French Objections; Environmental Coalition to Campaign on Fisheries White Paper; Prime Minister to Step-up ‘no deal’ Contingency Planning; Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt Calls on Paris and Berlin to Assist in Breaking Brexit Deadlock

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Seafish Brussels Brexit Update 10/08/2018 – 17/08/2018

James Warwick

PM May Denied Opportunity to Negotiate Directly with EU 27 at Salzburg Summit; Barnier: UK’s EU Exit a ‘lose-lose’ Situation; First Minster Convenes Summit on EU Exit and the Scottish Seafood Sector; Expat Group Launch Legal Challenge to ‘nullify referendum vote’; UK Ministers to Press Pharmaceuticals Companies to Stockpile Drugs as ‘no deal’ Contingency Plan

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Tariffs on seafood imported into the EU

Ivan Bartolo

This information document gives an explanation of tariffs and tariff regimes in force in Europe. It gives some backround into the preferential tariff regimes such as the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP), and how tariffs are affected by trade arrangements between the EU and other countries. It gives some examples of tariff-free or low-tariff quotas, including autonomous tariff quotas (ATQs). This document is an update to the March 2017 document on seafood tariffs.

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