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Utilisation of 2016 European Union - Faroe Islands Bilateral Fisheries Agreement

Jennifer Russell, Arina Motova, Hazel Curtis

The Seafish Pelagic Industry Issues Group (SPIIG) asked Seafish to undertake an independent analysis of the utilisation by the UK and rest of EU of the 2016 EU-Faroe bilateral agreement and the utilisation of the agreement by Faroe Islands. This report is the third project undertaken by Seafish for PIIG and follows similar approach as the previous reports (published in 2016 and 2015).

November 2017Download PDF

UK seafood processing sector labour 2017

Hazel Curtis, Marta Moran Quintana, Kirsten Milliken

There was anecdotal evidence that the UK seafood processing sector relied heavily on workers from other EU countries. Hence, reliable information on the nationality of the workforce in the seafood processing sector was considered necessary to inform discussions on the new relationship of the UK with the EU. Seafish conducted a survey of UK seafood processing companies in early 2017 to gather information about financial performance and the nationality of their workforce. The workforce nationality results are presented in this report. The majority of UK seafood processing sites surveyed employ foreign workers from other EU countries. These workers represent approximately 42% of the workforce in the surveyed sites. Region and site size appear to be major factors influencing the nationality mix of the workforce.

October 2017Download PDF

2017 Pilot Survey of Employment in the UK Fishing Fleet

Arina Motova, Marta Moran Quintana, Hazel Curtis

This report presents an overview and discussion of the methods and data collected during the 2017 pilot survey of employment in the UK fishing fleet, conducted by Seafish. The main purpose of the pilot survey was to test a methodology and questionnaire design for the collection of social data on the UK fishing fleet. The information presented in this report focuses on the sample collected and does not represent a complete picture of employment throughout the UK fishing fleet.

October 2017Download PDF

Seafish Fleet Economic Performance Dataset 2006-2016 (Excel Tables)

Steve Lawrence, S├ębastien Metz, Arina Motova

The Seafish fleet economic performance dataset contains financial, economic and operation performance indicators for the period 2006-16. The dataset covers approximately 30 Seafish defined fleet segments and has been produced by combining a sample of costs and earnings data from vessel accounts with official effort, landings and capacity data for all active UK fishing vessels.

October 2017Download XLSX

Quay Issues: Issue 4

Kirsten Milliken, Marta Moran Quintana, Ana Witeveen, Hazel Curtis

Quay Issues is a magazine for the fishing industry. It tells some of the stories unearthed during our annual Economic Survey of the UK Fishing Fleet. The aim is to share inspiring stories about innovative and best practice solutions to industry challenges and to disseminate our economic data amongst a wider audience. In this edition we look at ways fishermen can test the financial viability of selective fishing gear, the improtance of making sure gear set-up is correct, factors influencing fish price, including vessel reputation, fishermen's health and the lobster sector.

October 2017Download PDF