Waste utilisation and disposal

    The utilisation of by-products or disposal of waste can be complex. We provide information to help clarify this complex issue.

    Legislative changes, focusing on environmental protection and food/feed safety, have resulted in increased difficulties and costs for seafood companies disposing of all types of waste.  To help the industry address these problems, we have been working in a number of areas and continues to develop projects on different aspects of waste disposal and by-product utilisation.

    Recently emphasis has been focused towards identifying cost-effective disposal routes and providing industry with relevant information and advice on the different options available. The overall aim is to help the industry develop and implement commercial solutions for seafood waste minimisation, waste disposal or by-product utilisation.

    Further information is available;

    We have numerous publications covering waste issues and by-product opportunities - search in our Publications Database

    For more information, contact:

    Michaela Archer
    e: m_archer@seafish.co.uk
    t: 01472 252332

    Waste Legislation

    We provide information on the complex rules surrounding the utilisation and disposal of waste.

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