Media spokespeople

Seafish employs specialists and experts who are available to inform the media on a wide range of issues in the seafood industry.

To contact any of the individuals below, please get in touch with the Seafish press office:

Denise Fraser, PR Manager
0131 524 8656
07904 660512

You can also contact Beth Nicol at Citypress Scotland with media enquiries:
0131 516 8350

Tom Pickerell

Expert: Tom Pickerell
Role: Technical Director
Expertise: General expert on Pan-Sector issues & Environmental issues, fish stocks, responsible sourcing

Libby Woodhatch small

Expert: Libby Woodhatch
Role: Head of Advocacy
Expertise: Responsible Fishing Scheme, Government relations

Hazel Curtis 2

Expert: Hazel Curtis
Role: Chief Economist
Expertise: Industry economics, quotas, landings

Phil MacMullen

Expert: Philip MacMullen
Role: Head of Environmental Responsibility
Expertise: Environment & National/International catching sector issues, including CFP reform

Mike Montgomerie

Expert: Mike Montgomerie
Role: Gear Technologist
Expertise: Fishing gear technology developments & Technical queries on Catching Sector

Simon Potten

Expert: Simon Potten
Role: Head of Safety, Training & Services
Expertise: Safety and Training & Certification, Personal Flotation Devices

Richard Watson

Expert: Richard Watson
Role: Market Analyst
Expertise: Market Data, Landings, Imports & Exports

Michaela Archer

Expert: Michaela Archer
Role: Head of Insight
Expertise: Product handling, Waste, Fish Technology, Supply Chain & Processing

Mick Bacon

Expert: Mick Bacon
Role: Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS) Manager
Expertise: Responsible Fishing Scheme

Andy Gray

Expert: Andy Gray
Role: Trade Marketing Manager
Expertise: Foodservice/retail sectors and National Fish & Chip Awards