Welsh Fishing Safety Committee

Regional Fishermen's Associations in Wales have formed a Welsh Fishing Safety Committee (WFSC) to highlight the importance of fishermen's health and safety and develop industry-led initiatives and projects that address the most significant causes of fishing-related loss of life and accidents amongst the Welsh fleet.

The Committee has issued the following statement: "The health and safety of fishermen is our paramount concern and our target is to achieve zero fishing-related deaths in Wales".

The WFSC is inclusive of all commercial Welsh fishermen, who can choose to be represented via a constituted Fisherman's Association and / or by free membership of the online 'safety folder' (safetyfolder.co.uk), an online resource designed to help fishermen manage health and safety on-board their vessels.

The Committee meets two times a year and all meeting agendas and minutes are available to view below. The WFSC Terms of Reference can be viewed here.

An open invitation is made to all commercial Welsh fishermen to attend and observe WFSC meetings should they wish to submit a paper to the Committee about a particular issue or concern.

For further information about the WFSC please contact:

Committee Chair: Greg Phillpot (Managing Director, Welsh Seafish Industry Training Association)
Email: tbc
Telephone: tbc

Committee Secretariat: Dr Holly Whiteley (Seafish Wales Regional Manager, Seafish)
Email: holly.whiteley@seafish.co.uk
Telephone: 01248 812 038