SWAC strategy, projects and reports

Seafish Wales undertakes projects on behalf of the Wales seafood industry, as directed by the Seafish Wales Advisory Committee (SWAC).

Links to other outputs published or supported by Seafish that have relevance to the Welsh seafood industry are also included here.

Wales Seafood Strategy

The Wales Seafood Strategy was developed by SWAC in close collaboration with Seafish and Welsh Government. The Strategy outlines the seafood industry's vision for a thriving, vibrant, safe, and sustainable seafood industry for Wales, with targets for 30% sustainable growth by 2025.

The Strategy presents six High Level Objectives that will contribute to achieving the overarching vision and targets:

  1. Maximise the economic and environmental performance of existing fisheries,
  2. Expand sustainable aquaculture production,
  3. Explore opportunities for new sustainable fisheries,
  4. Add value to fisheries and aquaculture products,
  5. Improve fishing safety and attractiveness of seafood industry as a career option

The Strategy identifies that the following key actions are required to deliver the above High Level Objectives:

  • Establish a robust evidence-base for sustainable growth,
  • Ensure regulatory frameworks and their interpretation are evidence based and fit-for-purpose,
  • Facilitate sustainable investment and growth through improved access to capital, business support, and training,
  • Promote the quality, provenance and sustainability of Welsh seafood products to enhance reputation and improve access to markets.

The Strategy can be viewed here in Welsh and English.

Current SWAC Projects

Wales Seafood Industry Dashboard

Seafish are developing a Wales Seafood Industry Dashboard that presents a top level summary of the Welsh seafood industry's progress against the targets of the Wales Seafood Strategy. The Wales Seafood Strategy identifies the Seafish Wales Advisory Committee's (SWAC) vision for a thriving, vibrant, safe, and sustainable seafood industry in Wales and sets out targets for 30% sustainable growth in seafood production and economic value by 2025, as well as targets for increasing employment and improving fishing safety.

Improving fishing safety in Wales

Seafish are working closely with the Welsh Fishing Safety Committee (WFSC), Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and Fishermen's Mission to improve the safety of Welsh fishing vessels and fishermen whilst working at sea. Details of upcoming projects will be published here in the coming months (September to October 2017).

Welsh seafood business case studies

Seafish are developing case studies of Welsh seafood businesses around to coast to

raise the profile and enhance the reputation of local industry, and provide authoritative information for use by local media. The case studies will be published online October 2017.


SWAC reports and outputs

Other Seafish-supported publications relevant to the Welsh seafood industry