Seafish South West

Gus Caslake, the Seafish Southwest project manager, works closely with the seafood industry in the SW of England and ensures the local coordination of Seafish projects and activities.

The Seafish work programme in the Southwest is guided by the SW Advisory Committee and aims to facilitate the sustainable economic development of the industry.

The overarching aim of Seafish in the South West is to support the sustainable development and growth. This is achieved through the delivery of the following key Seafish South West Regional objectives;

  • Facilitate an Advisory Committee to support Regional Strategy development,
  • Co-ordinate the delivery of the Seafish South West Regional Strategy.
  • Facilitate good communication and enhance Seafish engagement of key stakeholders in the South West.
  • Signpost business development and funding opportunities to support sustainable development and growth.
  • Improve Seafish visibility, providing expert advice and a regional point of contact.

New projects and activities

SW Economic Impact Models

  • Assess the impact of management changes on the Seafood Supply chain in the SW.  Development of economic and socio economic assessments for key SW fisheries

SW fishery Profiling

  • Increase market opportunities through improved information on the credentials of SW fisheries. Development of bespoke regional RASS profiles for SW Fisheries and improve management advice through engagement in scientific assessments

Promoting Regional Consumption

  • Work with regional stakeholders to improve the profile of Seafood within the SW. Production of media focused on regional fisheries and delivery of supply chain initiatives to raise the profile of SW seafood.

SW Advisory Committee Development opportunities

  • Work with the SW advisory committee to develop and manage projects enhancing the reputation & market opportunities of SW seafood businesses. Industry focused projects enhancing market opportunities and profitability

Useful links and resources

If you would like to find out more about any of the above projects or activities, please contact Gus on

Gus Caslake
Seafish England - Regional Account Manager (South)

T: +44 (0) 1209 713162 | M: +44 (0) 7876035738