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Scottish Seafood Training Network

Ian Land of Seafish Scotland said "Seafish Scotland, in collaboration with the Scottish Food and Drink Skills Academy, has recently carried out a skills and training needs survey of the Scottish seafood industry.  That survey has helped identify some short and medium term goals.  Our job now is to touch base with industry before we get on with the important work of addressing their needs". "Additionally we have started to plan out the skills initiatives and learning opportunities that will benefit the seafood sector going forward.

Seafish have training programmes and resources available to industry and below we can see Brian Artingstall, Thistle Seafoods, highlighting the Seafood Training.

You can access all of the resources available and to find out more visit the Seafish Training page

North East White Fish Forum

Jess Sparks, Seafish Scotland Regional Manager recently held the North East White Fish Forum in Peterhead. This is a regular Industry meeting which discusses appropriate aspects within the White Fish Supply Chain. If you would like to attend and you have a role within the White Fish sector, please get in touch with Jess Sparks.

Jess also provides regular Monthly updates on Nethrops and Whitefish landings. These can easily be accessed within the main Seafish Scotland Web Regional Pages. The Nethrops landings covers the North Sea and West of Scotland.

Please contact Jess Sparks at

Seafood Scotland and Scottish Seafood Association

Partners of Seafish in Scotland have both made some personnel changes. Seafood Scotland have appointed a new Chief Executive, Patrick Hughes. Patrick has worked extensively throughout the Seafood sector in Scotland for the past 20 years.

The Scottish Seafood Association have also made a significant change with Jimmy Buchan now in post as Business Development Manager. Michael Bates was employed previously as Development Officer but will still be in post to help Jimmy make the transition into his new role.

Seafish Scotland 3

See above Michael handing over the reigns to Jimmy.

We at Seafish Scotland wish both Jimmy and Patrick well in their new roles and will continue to work together to support the seafood sector in Scotland

Seafish Market Insight Seminar

The Jury's Inn, Union Square, Aberdeen was the venue for Seafish Market Insight Seminar.  The event attracted a very healthy attendance from Seafood businesses throughout Scotland. Market analysts from Crest, AC Nielsen and Seafish delivered thoughtful, interesting and informative presentations.

Feedback from all who attended was extremely positive and a number of follow ups with individual businesses will be taking place going forward.

The North East Scotland Food & Drink Awards

The North East Scotland Food & Drink Awards, celebrating excellence and innovation in the region's food and drink sector, are now open.

Who should apply? Those working for food and drink producers based in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray who intend entering the North East Scotland Food & Drink Awards 2017.
Training Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for training that leads towards better jobs and careers in the seafood industry across Scotland. From health and safety certificates to degrees and vocational qualifications, participating in learning and training can give you the knowledge and experience to progress to bigger and better roles in the seafood industry.

Keeping up high standards of training in the seafood industry is important for a number of reasons that benefits all of us. Training ensures that employees are safe at work, that consumers purchase higher-quality products, and that employers employ skilled, competent and motivated workforces.

At Seafish Scotland, providing training opportunities for everybody in the industry is one of our top priorities. Over the past few years, we have achieved much for our industry:

  • Level 2 fish and shellfish vocational qualifications  and apprenticeships for operatives and team leaders in processing, fishmongering and related sectors;
  • Level 3 professional qualifications and  apprenticeships in processing, fishmongering, fish frying and other onshore sectors;
  • Level 3 mini awards from bivalve purification through to fish frying;
  • Online learning materials, new training DVDs, workbooks, programmes and other support materials;
    An expansion of the support available for apprenticeships throughout the UK. There's never been a better time to embark in a career in the fish and shellfish industry.

To find out more visit the Seafish Training page

Forthcoming Events

Two events worth highlighting. On the 22nd March, Seafish Scotland will attend a Careers Fair to promote career opportunities with the Seafood Sector. The venue is the SRUC Campus in Aberdeen.

On the 27th and 28th March, Seafish Scotland will take around 12 College Students and Lecturers on a "Learning Journey" to the sector in North East Scotland. This will include a visit to Peterhead Market and visit some processors in Peterhead.

North East Scotland Fisheries Development Partnership (NESFDP)

Aberdeenshire Council HQ was the Venue for the recent NESFDP Meeting. A large turnout from Industry itself and also in attendance were local councillors, MSP's and MP's.

A lively and valuable discussion addressed the main factors affecting North East Scotland as a result of the UK referendum to withdraw from the EU. Our very own Angus Garret presented the industry position as a result of on-going feedback and opinion provided to Seafish by industry and stakeholders. Bertie Armstrong , SFF and David Anderson. AFPO also presented their Members views. You can access Angus's presentation by contacting Angus at Seafish.

Cross Party Group on Food and Drink/Scottish Government Food Commission

Ian Land has been working with the Scottish Governments Food Commission to provide Seafish Seafood Education resources. Shirley Spear, from the world famous Three Chimney's restaurant in Skye, Chair's the Commission and Ian met her recently and provided the information and resources. Shirley was particularly impressed with the Scottish Curriculum Education resources for Primary School Children and Parents.

Ian also made himself available to discuss Seafish's support to the concept of Scotland as a "Good Food Nation"

Ian also attended, as a representative from Seafish, the recent "Scottish Government Cross Party Group on Food and Drink" Meeting. The focus at this meeting was primarily on "Routes to a Career within Food and Drink". A healthy discussion and debate took place on the opportunities with the Food and Drink sector in Scotland and Seafish highlighted the opportunities within the sector.

Seafish Scotland 1


Ian also made himself available to discuss Seafish's support to the concept of Scotland as a "Good Food Nation"

We are in the process of developing content for the Seafish Scotland Regional pages and will update them on a regular basis with Seafish Scotland work activities.

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