Vessel certification and inspections

Our range of services for boatbuilders and fishermen includes inspecting vessel construction and certifying vessels for UK commercial use.

These services include: 

New fishing vessel certification

All new vessels under 24m in length must be constructed and certified to Seafish construction standards before being registered as a UK commercial fishing vessel. Vessels under 7m need hull certification only; vessels between 7m and 15m need hull and outfit certification; and vessels between 15m and 24m need hull and outfit certification, as well as MCA certification.

The application form for new vessels can be found here, along with information about procedural requirements.

Registration inspections

These are for existing vessels under 24m in length that wish to be registered as UK fishing vessels. This service is only for vessels built before 16th July 2007 that do not have Seafish certification and vessels that have been de-registered for more than 6 months where the RSS has requested the inspection. It is important to check your status with the RSS or MCA before applying for this service.

The application form for registration inspections can be found here.