Waste legislation

Waste legislation sets out approved means and facilities for the disposal of waste and packaging.

Waste disposal routes in the seafood industry are chosen for multiple reasons; waste must be disposed of safely, efficiently, and in a way that is cost-effective to the industry.

EU legislation also sets out recycling requirements which state that all businesses which handle over 50 tonnes of packaging per year and name an annual turnover of £2 million or more must recycle a certain percentage of their packaging waste.


Beyond packaging which is to be recycled, other seafood packaging may be disposed of in the usual ways; however, by-products and animal waste are subject to further restrictions within the EU. You can read more about by-product legislation here.

This Seafish guidance note contains more specific information about current packaging and packaging waste legislation.

For more information about waste and by-product disposal, please contact Michaela Archer.


And the legislation…