Talking Points

The Kingfisher Bulletin - Talking Points, has been developed to improve fishermen's understanding of the offshore industries around our shores.

Offshore industries are complex, sometimes mysterious and there is a great deal that is unknown about the structures they install and their working practices. Talking Points will highlight a handful of issues each release and discuss these in a straight forward and concise manner with the help of images. The latest issue includes:

  • the impact of oil and gas decommissioning;
  • the use of concrete mattresses at sea;
  • the huge anchors used at the World's first floating wind farm;
  • the installation and repair of subsea cables;
  • the hazard posed by a collection of large subsea structures.

Click on the image below for the latest Talking Points.

Talking Points Image


Talking Points (Issue 04) - January 2018

Talking Points (Issue 03) - November 2016

Talking Points (Issue 02) - April 2016

Talking Points (Issue 01) - December 2015