Stage one reports

December 14th 2012

The Stage One Project Inshore reports are broken down in to species specific profiles and individual IFCA reports. These reports are highly informative and easily digestible with clear graphics and top-end summaries of the inshore industry across England. This sets a clear baseline of the inshore fishing industry and sets the future direction for Project Inshore.

The two Stage One Project Inshore Reports are the first significant milestone reached in this three year Seafish-led project. The baseline data collated and presented in these reports highlights key commercial fisheries for the English inshore sector, the means in which fishermen work the inshore fisheries and an overview of English marine environment and ecosystems.  Furthermore, the reports provide an individual IFCA summary of landings, key fishing areas within the IFCA district and all scientific literature available for fisheries highlighted as commercially important. The intention of the Stage One macro-analysis and profiling of English inshore fisheries is to develop a list of fisheries (species/gear combination) to progress to the Stage Two pre-assessment (gap analysis) stage.

To accompany this baseline report is a species profile report for 57 commercially important species within the English inshore sector (0-6nm). The purpose of these species reports is to provide information on their biological attributes and characteristics, distribution maps and five year trends in landings by value and weight into English ports.