Fishermen are at the very heart of the seafood industry. Seafish provide support, guidance and information about fishing activities to the sector.

The research that Seafish has conducted for the fishing sector has aided the development of new gear technologies, safer fishing protocols, and more sustainable fishing operations.

We also offer data and guidance in the form of economic information and Kingfisher bulletins, both of which are indispensable resources for operational fisheries and fishermen in the UK.

Additionally, we work to improve fishermen's safety by developing training courses and online resources, improving safety awareness within the industry, and ensuring that safety training is available throughout the UK.

Safety at sea

Commercial fishing is, without a doubt, one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Safety training and awareness is crucial for all fishermen.

Fishing gear

The fishing methods and gear you choose to employ can make a huge difference to the quantity and quality of the fish you catch and sell. All gear has evolved to target particular species or groups of species.

Good Manufacturing Practice

We have a series of guides to help fishermen maintain the quality of their catch.

Trawl gear technology courses

Seafish Gear Technologists run training courses for fishermen, often funded through the European Fisheries Fund in trawl gear technology and selectivity at the Sintef Flume Tank in Hirtshals.

Project Inshore

Small, coastal fishing boats, or the 'Inshore Fleet', make up nearly three quarters of England's fishing fleet. The rich array of seafood they serve up also presents unique scientific challenges for fishery managers. Relatively small landings per vessel, with varying market demand from one day to the next, make it hard to attract investment for scientific research

Project UK

Project UK is an ambitious project led by Seafish and the MSC that builds on the success of Project Inshore and aims to work towards an environmentally sustainable future for UK fisheries. It will do this through determining the environmental performance of key commercial fisheries, demonstrate how these can move towards sustainability through Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) and ultimately achieve MSC certification where possible.

Fishing downloads

This page contains various documents, notes and publications which offer information on fishing for fishermen and fisheries managers.