Brexit and the UK seafood industry - We want to hear from you

The UK electorate's vote to leave the European Union is undoubtedly going to have considerable impact on the seafood industry, but even once Article 50 is invoked, it's going to take some time before we can fully understand the what, when and how of the changes ahead.

We plan to create a report highlighting the varying opportunities and challenges that you tell us about - but importantly, we'll present feedback on the potential areas of commonality across the supply chain too. We then plan to collate and share the feedback we receive with industry, stakeholders and government alike, so that it can create a strong voice in seeking the best possible deal for the sector in a transitioning and post-Brexit landscape.

Have your say

We're keen to hear from all our stakeholders and industry to ensure the feedback is productive and all-encompassing as possible. So, wherever you sit in the supply chain, we'd love you to give us your opinion on key areas such as production management, trade, regulation, public funding and access to labour.

To allow free input, we're asking just three questions:

1. What are the key things you want from a post-Brexit seafood sector?

2. What are the key things you want to avoid post-Brexit?

3. What are the unknowns?

To submit your response, simply fill out our online questionnaire and click submit.

If you would like a more in depth conversation, please email Dr Angus Garrett, our Head of Horizon Scanning & Long Term Issues at