There is no organisation better placed than Seafish to help the industry manage the impact of Brexit. We will use our independent, authority status to inform the coming transition by sharing the valued expertise from across the supply chain.

The UK's intention to leave the EU will certainly have considerable impact on the seafood industry, but it's going to take some time before we can fully understand what, when and how.

Seafish's approach to Brexit is simple, pragmatic and non-partisan: we shall work with industry and all relevant stakeholders to understand the new landscape, the implications/opportunities/threats for seafood and options for industry and Seafish response:

  • Our experts in the field of economics, regulation, trade, market insight and safety and training are working to highlight issues and opportunities now and are looking ahead to understand the longer term forecasts. We are sharing that work with industry as we proceed.
  • The Seafish Common Language Group, our all industry forum, met in the week following the Referendum and discussed the potential Brexit implications. We also held a 'Brexit special' session in London on October 7th 2016, to understand the implication of this work. 
  • The  Humber Seafood Summit on September 27th & 28th, 2016, featured a dedicated expert panel session on all the latest issues as they developed.
  • Our Brussels -based Stakeholder Advisor, Cristina Fernandez, continues to report back on the latest developments in Brussels on a week by week basis. To receive her updates, email Cristina

Please email with any enquiries.