Species and sites

Choosing the correct species and sites are some of the most crucial decisions a culturist must make.

Considerable effort have been directed toward the development of fish farms in the UK but not every species has proven easy to adapt for farming, as the suitabilty of a particular species can depend on a number of factors. These include market price, cost of production, site location, access to a cheap and reliable source of seed, species selection, growth rate, physiological robustness and resistance to disease.

It is important to identify locations and methodologies of culture that are acceptable to the local and regional area. All culture operations in the UK have to conform to strict and effective controls including an environmental impact assessment prior to start up or if a significant change to operations is envisaged

Seafish offers advice, guidance and resources to ensure that culturists make informed decisions when choosing species and sites. Browse our pages on:

In order to help culturists to get started, Marine Scotland have also produced this guide to establish a fish or shellfish farm.