Aquaculture Responsible Sourcing Guides

Seafish's Aquaculture Responsible Sourcing Guidance sheets are a series of datasheets which have been updated to provide a general introduction and give current information on major farmed species, many of which are important to the UK seafood supply chain, and UK consumers.

The guides (listed and downloadable below) contain information on many issues including sources and quantities, biology and cultivation, through to management and certification, as well as product characteristics.

Listed at the end of each guide are the references used to produce them - these are generally listed as web-links to enable readers to easily access more in depth information.

We currently offer eight Aquaculture Responsible Sourcing Guides.

If you are looking for information on wild-caught species then Seafish have developed a fisheries risk assessment tool (known as RASS). This web-based tool helps make informed judgements on the risks faced when sourcing wild-caught seafood. RASS profiles for over 200 fisheries can be found here.

Seafish provides more Responsible Sourcing Information here.