Aquaculture groups

Seafish is involved in a number of external aquaculture-related groups and initiatives, and we facilitate two major aquaculture forums - all helping to support aquaculture activities in the UK.

Seafish facilitates the Aquaculture Common Issues Group (ACIG), and is facilitator and secretariat of the Seafish Domestic Aquaculture Advisory Committee (SDAAC). 

The SDAAC provides a forum by which invited aquaculture representatives from across the UK can input into the decision making process of the Seafish Domestic Aquaculture Programme. The ACIG on the other hand is an open forum and is aimed at informing a wide-range of stakeholders by enabling information sharing, and can cover a wide range of aquaculture issues from both the UK and overseas.

Meetings, updates and minutes for each of these groups will be posted on the relevant pages.  For more information the ACIG please email Karen Green.  For more information the SDAAC please email Lee Cocker.

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