Industry support

Seafish offers practical advice and information for those working in the UK seafood industry.

Seafood Horizons

Through active horizon scanning, Seafish aims to support industry in 'being prepared' - improving the awareness of longer term issues and understanding of the implications / options for action.

UK exit from the EU

There is no organisation better placed than Seafish to help the industry manage the impact of the UK leaving the EU. We will use our independent, authority status to inform decisions throughout the transition by sharing expertise from across the supply chain. 

Funding and awards

The UK seafood industry offers many options of funding and support to those in the industry who want it.


The UK seafood industry is regulated by a body of legislation designed to protect the consumer and the marine environment.


Fishermen are at the very heart of the seafood industry. Seafish provide support, guidance and information about fishing activities to the sector.

Kingfisher Information Services

Kingfisher Information is the ultimate resource for fishermen: Kingfisher Bulletins, Awareness Flyers, and the fishing plotter files of offshore industry structures are all crucial tools to assist with safe fishing operations.

construction standards

Marine Survey

High-quality fishing boats are vital to the industry; a good vessel is necessary for sustainable, safe operations in the fishing sector.


Aquatic food production has transformed from being primarily based on capture of wild fish to culture of over 500 farmed species globally. Given the strong likelihood that seafood landings will remain constant in capture fisheries, aquaculture will continue to bridge the gap between seafood supply and demand, whilst reducing pressure on wild fisheries.

International Trade

Seafish plays a pivotal role in facilitating the growth of the international seafood industry. We focus on building relationships and providing information to our overseas and domestic buyers, fisheries and administrators, to support growth in both the import and export markets.

Market Summary

Regional Teams

Seafish has individuals specifically designated for working locally, ensuring engagement in key regions, helping with communication and ensuring local coordination of activities.