Towed Gear

Towed gear is towed through the water, either on or off the seabed, to overrun the target species or herd them into the net.

All fishing gear is developed to target specific species of fish and shellfish, in particular areas. There are many different varieties of towed gear, some of which have been described in brief detail below.

  • Beam trawl: A trawl towed on the seabed in which the net is held open by a wood or steel beam.
  • Demersal¬†trawl: A trawl towed on the seabed, held open by a pair of¬†trawl doors. It usually uses a much larger net than a beam trawl.
  • Pelagic trawl: trawl towed in mid-water to catch pelagic fish.
  • Pair trawl: Trawl towed between two boats, either on the seabed or in mid-water, held open by the distance apart of the two vessels.
  • Twin rig trawl: A method of towing two otter trawls side by side.
  • Multi rig trawl: A method of towing two or more otter trawls side by side.
  • Dredge: A rigid structure towed on the seabed, usually used for shellfish.

More information about these kinds of encircling gear can be found in the Seafish gear technology note. More information and resources about fishing gear can be found on the downloads page.