Schools and education

Research has shown that our eating habits are already formed by the age of five, when we enter mainstream schools. Currently only 24.3% of seven-11 year olds across the UK eat two pieces of fish a week - the recommended minimum.

Educating young children on the importance, variety and benefits of seafood is a key priority in our work.

We've developed six great lesson plans, plus videos and downloadable materials for teachers to use in the classroom with their students. The lessons and resources are designed to engage children with fish as a food, the different species of fish, fish dishes and the health benefits of eating fish while tying into your school's curriculum.

The resources focus on six species of fish - coley, cod, haddock, prawns, mussels and mackerel - which represent white fish, shellfish and oily fish. Key activities include making simple, tasty fish dishes and tasting different fish.

The pack and online resources provide teachers with the tools they need to deliver fun and engaging lessons for children. The home-school workbooks provide activities for children to work on at home with their parent/carer to encourage engagement.

For more information please go to the Education pages of the Fish is the Dish website.