Cooking seafood

Grilling, frying, poaching; there are many options to choose from when it comes to cooking your perfect fish fillet, but preparing seafood is delightfully simple.

Despite there being so many methods for cooking seafood, most of them are fast and easy, making seafood the perfect choice for a quick and healthy midweek supper or an express lunch.

This section offers advice on preparing and cooking fish, along with some of our most popular seafood recipes. More recipes and advice on cooking seafood can be found at our partner site, Fish is the Dish.

We have also compiled all of the most important information about buying, cooking, and eating seafood into one handy guide (3mb file).

Preparing seafood

Most of the time we buy fish pre-prepared at the supermarket or the fishmonger’s – but if you fancy cooking seafood from scratch, you’ll need to know how to prepare your fish first.

Cooking methods

There are many different methods of cooking seafood, and all of them have their strengths – some are quick, some are healthy, and some are just plain easy.

Seafood recipes

Seafood is the perfect ingredient for soups, salads, stews and more – if you find yourself in need of a little inspiration, then there are hundreds of seafood recipes to be found online.