Buying seafood

With thousands of species of fish and shellfish inhabiting the world's oceans and rivers, it's no surprise that buying seafood can be overwhelming.

Modern consumers have many options to consider when shopping around for the best fish and shellfish on the market. Finding seafood which is both fresh and responsibly sourced isn't always easy, and many of the industry's labelling schemes, which are designed to make this information clear, simply obscure it further.

At Seafish, we know it's crucial to allow consumers to make informed decisions about the seafood they buy. That's why we've prepared advice and information to help consumers:

We have also compiled all of the most important information about buying, cooking, and eating seafood into one handy guide.

Guide to labels

Seafood products are often displayed with a variety of labels and certificates which are designed to help consumers to make informed choices when buying fish and shellfish.

Buying fresh

Buying fresh seafood is important, because the taste and texture of fish and shellfish diminishes quickly in comparison with other foods.