Eating seafood

Not only is seafood delicious, it's also one of the healthiest things you can put on your plate.

Fish is the Dish

The Fish is the Dish initiative by Seafish was designed as a hard-working digital campaign to show families that fish is a healthy, quick and easy choice to feed the family. We aim to get more people eating more seafood, more often!

Seafood Week

Seafood Week is an annual campaign aimed at getting more people to eat more fish, more often. Seafish runs the eight-day celebration every October and highlights the variety and quality of fish and shellfish on offer in the UK.

Seafood Restaurant of the Year Competition

Judges will be looking for clear evidence of the responsible sourcing of sustainable raw ingredients, successful fish and shellfish promotion on menus, excellent levels of product knowledge, and examples of how customers are encouraged to eat fish and shellfish.

The National Fish & Chip Awards

Now in their 30th year, the National Fish & Chip Awards continue to recognise and reward businesses producing the best fish and chips across the UK.

Seafood for health

As well as offering great flavours and tonnes of variety, seafood will help to keep you in good health.

Schools and education

Research has shown that our eating habits are already formed by the age of five, when we enter mainstream schools. Currently only 24.3% of seven-11 year olds across the UK eat two pieces of fish a week - the recommended minimum.

The Seafood Guide

The 2014 Seafish Seafood Guide is a comprehensive 64-page guide to fish and shellfish available in the UK.

Buying seafood

With thousands of species of fish and shellfish inhabiting the world's oceans and rivers, it's no surprise that buying seafood can be overwhelming.

Cooking seafood

Cooking seafood

Grilling, frying, poaching; there are many options to choose from when it comes to cooking your perfect fish fillet, but preparing seafood is delightfully simple.

Enjoy Fish & Chips

Enjoy Fish & Chips is here to offer fish and chip businesses more insight than ever before about fish and chips with Great Britain's biggest ever fish and chips research study.

Young Seafood Chef of the Year

The Young Seafood Chef of the Year competition is open to all full-time and college based modern apprentice chefs. Highly regarded across the seafood industry for the valuable experience it gives to contestants, the competition provides young chefs with a platform to demonstrate their flair, understanding, skill and ability using seafood from sustainable sources.