Corporate Plan Publications

The Seafish Corporate Plan for 2015-2018 sets out our mission, vision and our programme of work for the next three years. The Plan is available in an online version to view here.

In addition we've published a set of documents which complement and support our new Corporate Plan. Pdf versions can be viewed and downloaded below.

The Annual Plan
Our Annual Plan is taken from our 2015-18 Corporate Plan and details the programmes of work we will deliver in 2017/18 . The Plan sets out the costs associated with our work programmes as well as our Key Performance Indicators for the year.

Delivery Report 2016-17
The Seafish Delivery Report 2016 - 2017 looks back at performance against KPIs in the 2016- 2017 Annual Plan and includes case studies and key achievements.

Corporate Plan 2015-2018 Executive Summary

The Executive Summary gives an outline introduction to our Corporate Plan for 2015-2018 with a focus on our high level objectives. The Executive Summary is also available in Welsh.

Corporate Plan Infographic
This infographic sets out our operational delivery model and contains more information about our high level objectives.

Corporate Plan 2015-2018
Our Corporate Plan is best viewed online here or using the link above. However the pdf version can also be downloaded and is available here.

Corporate Plan Video
A short video explaining more about the Seafish Corporate Plan and our mission and vision for the next three years is available here on the Seafish YouTube channel and is also available to view on our website.

Please contact if you require a print copies of our Corporate Plan documents.