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    Frying Tonight – Feeling Peckish?

    Posted by Andy Gray, Marketing and Promotion on 04 August 2014

    Andy Gray

    Feeling hungry and looking for ideas for a quick tea this evening? Maybe a takeaway ... maybe some lip-smackingly delicious and hunger-quelling fish and chips ... but hold on, you've been picking up various media soundings re. fish and chips being fattening and perhaps not the best on the health front, and so are wondering what the real story actually is. Well, wonder no more and appreciate that tantalizing wafting aroma of salt and vinegar, savour the crunch of crisp batter...more

    Who the Cod do you believe?

    Posted by Philip MacMullen, Head of Environment on 04 August 2014

    Phil MacMullen

    On the same day I read, 'Norway, Iceland cod stocks booming', 'Cod will vanish in 10 years', 'EU: fish stocks improving', and 'EU...could decide whether species go on hurtling towards extinction'.

    Whilst I could subscribe to much of the medicine prescribed in the Sunday Times 'rescue agenda' I fear that much of the diagnosis is based upon a rather muddled interpretation of the source material; hence the contrasting headlines with other publications.


    Evolution not revolution!

    Posted by Bill Lart Sustainability and Data Advisor on 04 August 2014

    Bill LartAssessing sustainability has become increasingly important for governments, and industry. At the recent World Fisheries Congress, representatives from all sides considered stock assessments as the key basis for action. Fish sourced from non-assessed stocks risks losing its market, yet full assessments are expensive to conduct and they can't all be done overnight.

    What we need is a road map that helps us work towards rational assessment plans: identifyin...more

    SAGB conference delivers positive messages

    Posted by Karen Green, Industry Environmental Communications on 04 August 2014

    Karen GreenThe spectacular Fishmongers' Hall was once again the venue for the Shellfish Association of Great Britain's very well attended annual conference. The SAGB twitter feed is full of congratulations about the content of the presentations, the passion of some of the speakers and the truly delicious seafood dinner served on the Tuesday night. And this praise is very well deserved.

    As a first-time attendee it was ve...more

    Can lessons from the past give us hope for the future?

    Posted by Mike Mitchell, Quality and CSR Director, Young’s Seafood on 04 August 2014

    Mike Mitchell Guest blog by Mike Mitchell, Quality and CSR Director, Young's Seafood

    This is the keynote speech given by Mike Mitchell at the opening session of the Sixth World Fisheries Congress in Edinburgh on 8th May 2012. (Annotated and reproduced with permission).

    For those of you who have travelled a long way to be here and may not have heard of Young's, it may interest you to know that we ar...more

    6th World Fisheries Congress - a week to remember

    Posted by Michel Kaiser, Bangor University on 04 August 2014

    Michael KaiserGuest blog by Professor Michel Kaiser, Bangor Univerity

    Unless your name is Lord Coe, there aren't many of us that spend four years planning an event on the scale of the World Fisheries Congress.

    We finally saw the fruits of our labours unfold in Edinburgh last week and judging by the extensive media coverage the event was a huge success both for the delegates and messages that it conveyed. As one of the lead organisers I can look b...more

    Cooking with Confidence

    Posted by Nigel Brown, The Nigel Brown Cookery Academy on 04 August 2014

    Nigel Brown1Guest blog by Nigel Brown of The Nigel Brown Cookery Academy

    Despite its growing popularity at home, it still remains the case that most people are most likely to choose seafood when they're eating out in restaurants. In my experience, many people are still reluctant to cook fish from scratch at home and are unsure about what kind to buy and how prepare, handle and cook it properly.

    So, in this blog I though...more

    Is Britain missing a trick in Brussels?

    Posted by Jon Harman, Operations Director on 04 August 2014

    Jon Harman

    I've been coming to the European Seafood Exposition for longer than I care to remember. It was nice though to be able to demonstrate to a former associate that it really isn't necessary to share a taxi from the airport to the show as the free shuttle bus works very well (just think of all the money he could have saved over the...more

    My Fish Top Ten!

    Posted by Heather Middleton, Promotions and Marketing Manager on 04 August 2014

    Heather Middleton

    As one of Seafish's newest recruits and being tasked with carefully minding the 'Fish is the Dish' baby for Jo Dunlop while she's on maternity leave, I've learned a lot in my first two months. As a Marketer I could probably talk for Britain, if it wer...more

    Hats off to Iceland Fishermen’s Training

    Posted by Keir Day, Safety Theme Leader on 04 August 2014

    Keir Day

    During a recent visit to Iceland by Jon Harman and myself we were kindly invited by Captain Hilmar Snorrason who is Principal of the Maritime Safety and Training Centre in Reykjavik, aboard their training vessel.

    This fine ship was once a car ferry which was bought for £10 and then converted into a mobile training vessel by local fishing companies, fishermen, engineers and donations from interested parties. The vessel delivers courses all aro...more

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