Welsh fishermen form Welsh Fishing Safety Committee to protect health and safety of fleet

10 October 2016

Fishermen's associations in Wales join forces to tackle fishing safety issues.

Wales Safety

Following a pan-Wales fishing safety meeting facilitated by Welsh Government and Seafish last week, regional fishermen's associations across Wales have formed a Welsh Fishing Safety Committee that will highlight the importance of fishermen's health and safety and work closely with Government and others to address the problems that Welsh fishermen face.

The newly-formed Committee issued the following statement: "The health and safety of fishermen is our paramount concern and our target is to achieve zero fishing-related deaths in Wales".

The Committee is inclusive of all commercial fishermen, who can choose to be represented via a formal fisherman's association or by free membership of the online 'safety folder' (safetyfolder.co.uk), designed to help fishermen manage health and safety onboard their vessels.

Greg Phillpot, Director of the Welsh Seafish Industry Training Association, has been elected Chair of the new Committee, and Dr Holly Whiteley, Seafish Wales Regional Manager has been invited to act as Secretariat. The first formal meeting of the Committee will take place later this year. 

Greg Phillpot, said: "I'm pleased to be involved in this new, important initiative led by commercial fishermen, focusing on practical solutions for improving industry safety here in Wales".

Dr Holly Whiteley, Seafish Wales, said: "I'm very much looking forward to supporting the work of this Committee. The health and safety of the fleet are of the upmost importance and this Committee will help ensure that safety issues receive the consideration and attention they deserve".

The Committee has also provided input into a Wales Fishing Safety project being taken forward by Seafish in collaboration with the RNLI and Fishermen's Mission, which aims to improve the safety of Welsh fishermen whilst working at sea.  Further details of this collaborative project will be released shortly.