Seafish publishes its annual plan for 2017/2018

03 April 2017

Seafish, the industry authority on seafood, has published its Annual Plan for 2017/2018 which is the final year for this cycle of our current Corporate Plan (2015-2018).

Our annual plan for this year builds on the work already done in years' one and two, and remains focused on encouraging more people to eat more fish more often, developing projects which support the reputation of the industry and providing the data and information the industry needs for effective decision-making.

Our programme of work has been developed in partnership with the organisation's three Sector Panels which represent the domestic and exporter, importer and processing, and consumer and supply chain sectors of the seafood industry.

Our 2017/18 work won't just focus on progressing the activity outlined in our current Corporate Plan - we're already looking ahead at how we can keep building on its successes and have started working with industry via each of our sector panels to develop our next Corporate Plan (2018-2021).

Seafish Chief Executive Marcus Coleman commented: "I am delighted to announce the launch of our Annual Plan for 2017/18. This builds on the good work we delivered in the last two years of the Corporate Plan and sets out what we hope to achieve this year. The Annual Plan has been shaped by the industry we serve and sets out a work plan that will have a real and lasting impact on the seafood industry."

The full annual plan can be read on the Seafish website. The 2015-2018 Corporate Plan is also available to view online, along with a suite of supporting materials which include an animated film explaining Seafish's work.