New Seafish Report Explores Feasibility of South West Innovation Centre to Support Aquaculture and Fisheries Research

22 June 2017

A new report from industry body Seafish presents the findings of a feasibility study for developing the former AstraZeneca laboratory in Brixham, now owned by Plymouth University, into a dynamic innovation centre for aquaculture and fisheries research and development.

The project team, led by Tim Goodwin of Sustainable Leadership, Ltd. and supported by ABPmer, undertook an in-depth stakeholder consultation and reviewed the research needs of the seafood industry. It concluded that an innovation centre supporting industry-focused research, and embracing the latest technology whilst working across sectoral divides, would be the best approach.

The location in Brixham, Devon would present a unique opportunity for aquaculture, applied fisheries, and seafood supply chain research given its proximity to some of the UK's most important and innovative aquaculture operations, and England's largest fishing fleets. It would also help affirm Brixham Laboratory's branding as "The Blue Environmental Hub".

Such a hub would include a range of services to facilitate exploration, knowledge sharing and innovation. The potential also exists for this hub to become home to a diverse and forward-facing community fostering new ideas and collaborations between sectors; generating dynamic, fresh approaches to the UK s biggest seafood supply challenges.

The report, entitled "Feasibility of an Aquaculture and Fisheries Research and Development Centre at Brixham Laboratory", is the main output of a Seafish Strategic Investment Programme (SIP) supported project. SIP has allowed Seafish to fund a range of strategically important industry projects aligned to its Corporate Plan. The new report is available to download here.

Lee Cocker, Aquaculture Manager at Seafish, said: "We are proud to have supported this strategic and innovative SIP project. We hope that good use is made of the findings, and the innovative and collaborative opportunity the report presents will assist not only the growth of the UK aquaculture sector, but UK seafood supplies in general."

Outputs generated by aquaculture-related SIP projects can be downloaded from the new Seafish aquaculture web page " /industry-support/aquaculture/aquaculture-related-strategic-investment-programme-projects".