Master Fishmonger Standard course launched with support from Seafish

28 February 2018

A new scheme aimed at raising standards across the fishmonger profession has been launched by Fishmongers' Company, with support from Seafish and a range of key industry partners.

The Master Fishmonger Standard celebrates professional excellence by certifying fishmongers with a new quality mark which signals their extensive skill and knowledge. There are four tiers to the standard, allowing those in the profession to progress through the different stages, enabling them to expand their knowledge and increase their skill level.

To be crowned a certified MFS fishmonger, fishmongers must undergo a tough application process which tests their knowledge and ability in a range of different ways. Those who complete the course and earn the standard can be proud of their achievements, knowing that the skills, knowledge and experience gained from the course will launch them at the top of their trade. Consumers can also be more confident with their seafood purchases, knowing that their MFS certified fishmonger adheres to strict food safety and hygiene standards, is knowledgeable about ethics, traceability and sustainability issues, and knows how to source and prepare high quality seafood.

As the first of its kind for the industry, the standard aims to not only reward excellence, but also drives up the standards of fishmongers throughout the UK. 

The course has been created by Fishmongers' Company, with support from Seafish, the National Federation of Fishmongers, The Seafood School at Billingsgate, and a number of other industry partners.

The course was launched on Friday, February 23. To find out more about the course, visit