Annual Humber Seafood Summit

The Humber Seafood summit is held in Grimsby each year in September.

The two day event is organised and co-ordinated by Seafish in association with key stakeholders in the Humber area, around the UK and globally. The event draws interest from key people in the distributors, processors, foodservice and retail sector of the UK seafood industry.

  • The event brings together a panel of respected industry and National Government speakers and delegates from across Europe and further afield
  • Discussions include retail and Foodservice trends, aquaculture developments, seafood trade, technology and innovation, supply chain development, product Integrity and Reputation, Global outlooks
  • Invaluable business networking opportunities
  • An evening event which includes a Seafood Fayre, showcasing seafood from around the UK and local produce within Lincolnshire
  • Guest speakers and Key note speakers who will enhance the topics and themes of the summit.

'The event is great and continues to develop into a must-attend event' Huw Thomas - Morrisons plc

'A very well executed event, possibly the best conference of its type. Those that miss it will be less educated than those that attend and less able to engage with the issues that face our industry and challenge our customers' Nigel Edwards - Icelandic Seachill

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Please note that for 2015 the event merged with the World Seafood Congress which was held in Grimsby. For further information about the 2015 event, please visit

Humber Seafood Summit 2016

BIM Vision for the Irish Seafood Sector - Tara McCarthy, BIM

Blue Revolution; a veterinary perspective - Jonathan Shepherd

Channel Segmentation - Katherine Shade, Kantar Worldpanel

Feed the World; what's for dinner in 2040 - Scott Nichols, Food Future

Fish is Food, developments on the horizon and implications for Seafood - Chris Lamb, Seafish

Food Perspective- Julia Brooks, Seafish

Importance of the convenience and On-line channels to the UK Grocery Market - Chris Kirland, IGD

Net Positive Fishing- Alex Olsen, Espersen

What does the consumer really think about farmed fish - Martin Jaffa, Callander McDowell

Humber Seafood Summit 2014 Presentations:

The Seafish Risk Assessment for Sourcing Seafood (RASS): a new approach for informing buying decisions Dr Tom Pickerell

Understanding Sustainability within the professional chef sector Jose Souto 

Let them eat Hake - using the media to communicate positive messages on the industry Louise Vaughan

Certifying marine ingredients for aquafeeds Dr Andrew Jackson

Moving from 'responsible' to 'sustainable' aquaculture Dan Lee

Small-holder opportunities for the third-party certification; experiences from the Bangladesh shrimp sector Dr Francis Murray

How certification is fuelling change Esther Luiten

Scanning the horizon: trade and technology Jonas R. Vidarsson 
China: A Market Overview Claire Urry

Outlook for Norwegian Seafood; scanning the horizon, trade and technology Jack-Robert Moller

Canada: Presentation at Humber Seafood Summit Emma Finn
Feeding the nation: supply & efficiency.┬źRussia, all about fishing industry┬╗ Alexey Pchelintsev
Satisfying the shopper and the consumer Jonathan Banks
Global Supply and Market of Fishery Products Nianjun Shen

Humber Seafood Summit 2013 Presentations:

Humber Seafood Summit 2013 Programme

Humber Seafood Summit 2013 video

A retailers perspective Hannah Macintyre

Food from the sea in a changing world Dr Keith Brander

The business benefits of social responsibility Candida Barbato

Enhancing sustainability in Northern English shark and ray fisheries John Richardson

Why review seafood restaurants - does it matter? Lewis Smith

Seafood genetic identification & labelling accuracy in the UK Professor Stefano Mariani

Fish authenticity Dr Theresa Ekong

Reputation and integrity in the transparency era: Implications for seafood Alan Hayes

Seafood supply chain: a consumer perspective Karen Galloway

Fishing into the future Laura Partridge

Outlook for Norwegian Seafood supplies Terje Martinussen 

Humber Seafood Summit 2012 Presentations:

Managing perception: Seafood & reputation - Dr Paul Williams

Our contribution to healthy seas & a healthy society - Mike Mitchell

Fighting illegal fishing at sea - Max Schmid

A perspective on the opportunities for global fisheries - Klaas de Vos

Sector sustainability - The Grimsby Seafood Village - Ivan Jaines-White

Assessing the true cost of farmed seafood - Dan Lee

Availability of Fishmeal and fish oil and the implications for aquaculture - Jonathan Shepherd

Asian Farmed Shrimps & prawns - sustainability myths & reality - Dr Francis Murray

Challenges & developments in the Scottish Salmon farming Industry - Scott Landsburgh

IAFI & The World Seafood Congress 2013 & 2015 - Dr Simon Derrick

The Recession: what it means for consumers - Jonathan Banks

Consumer perception when buying Seafood - Maureen Reynier

Making a difference by consumer power - Jay Thaliwal