The most recent survey data reveals that fewer than one in three Britons consumes the recommended two or more portions of seafood a week, and that just over half (52%) of our population is aware of the government’s recommendation to consume seafood at least twice a week for optimum health.

That's why one-third of Seafish's levy income from April 2010 is going to be focused on communicating the health benefits of seafood to consumers and those who influence consumers, such as health professionals, educationalists and nutrition professionals.

Seafood is the best dietary source of long-chain Omega-3 oils available. These essential oils contain the nutrient acids EPA and DHA, which are required for skin and bone health, the provision of Vitamins A, E and D, and various rare minerals such as iodine and selenium. As one of the lowest-fat, highest-density sources of protein available, seafood is among the healthiest dietary choices consumers can make.

Yet study after study shows that Britons are not eating enough seafood to maintain adequate health. Our aim is to improve understanding of the health benefits of seafood and pass on the health benefits of seafood to consumers.

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