Skates and rays remain responsibly sourced in the UK

Posted by Bill Lart on 20 January 2014

Seafish Jan 2014

Bill Lart, Chair of the Seafish Skates and Rays Group gives an overview of the conservation of skates and rays in the UK and Europe.

Skates and rays are members of the shark family,  are popular due to their ...more

GAP2 Exchange – Maiken Bjørkan

Posted by Maiken Bjørkan on 10 December 2013

GAP2 Exchange Programme

I am a lucky scientist from Norway who is currently on a GAP2 exchange  in Barcelona/Palamós. As a part of my duties whilst I am here, I am writing blog posts to share my experiences. I had never written a blog post before part...more

Celebrating Sustainable Seafood Awards at Billingsgate

Posted by Libby Woodhatch, Head of Advocacy on 25 November 2013

It was x-factor time at Billingsgate Seafood School last week with the annual Celebration of Sustainable Seafood, which I was fortunate to chair. I say fortunate as it was an opportunity to spend a day with people who not only care about sustainability, but care passionately about the in...more

Seafish: MCZ statement

Posted by Tom Pickerell, Technical Director on 21 November 2013

Seafish welcomes the announcement from Defra today that 27 of the 127 proposed Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) are to be designated in UK waters. The organisation sees the news as a clear indication that the government are committed to evidence-based decision making.

Four regi...more

Challenges ahead for the new Fisheries Minister

Posted by Barrie Deas, Chief Executive, NFFO on 12 November 2013

All the signs are that George Eustice will be a competent and hardworking fisheries minister. Time will tell if he will be an outstanding one.

At the recent stakeholder meeting with UK ministers in Edinburgh, he displayed an impressive grasp of the key issues and much of the de...more

2013 World Seafood Congress

Posted by Julie Snowden, Project Manger, Seafish England on 28 October 2013

My trip to St Johns in Canada for the 2013 World Seafood Congress (WSC) is one I shall never forget. Hosted in one of the oldest, and certainly one of the most beautiful, cities in Canada, the six day congress brought together a wealth of knowledge and expertise from around the world. Ea...more

Humber Seafood Summit 2013

Posted by Anita Barker, Chair of Humber Seafood Group on 15 October 2013

As I walked through the foyer of the Humber Royal on Wednesday the 18th, I was overwhelmed by how much the event has grown since 2010. The project forums, formerly planned in small break-out rooms, had to be moved to our main conference room to accommodate the two hundred dele...more

Fishing into the future

Posted by Hazel Curtis, Chief Economist on 29 July 2013

Participants at the Fishing into the Future workshop, held in Brixham from 14th - 16th July, have given a resoundingly positive response to the workshop. Fishing and seafood industry participants reported that the networking opportunities were invaluable, presentations were inspiring, an...more

All change in the Curriculum again

Posted by Jo Dunlop, Marketing Manager on 09 July 2013

It's in the news again - the way we teach our children is going to change. In Scotland we have had Curriculum for Excellence for a couple of years and now the review of the English curriculum is underway. Mr Gove is hopeful that this will be implemented in September 2014 which feels rath...more

Seafood and the Consumer

Posted by Andy Gray, Marketing and Promotion on 07 June 2013

Sunshine and Aberdeen - usually mutually exclusive but earlier this week that large yellow globe shone from a cloudless sky above the Granite City, while boats serving the nearby oil industry floated within view of the city on a mirror flat ocean - the scene more reminiscent of vessels a...more