What A Feeling!

Posted by Calum Richardson of The Bay on 06 February 2013

Guest blog by Calum Richardson of The Bay, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire ( - winner of the Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Award and the Good Catch Award as part of the 2013 National Fish & Chip Awards.

Nearly a fortnight has now...more

A reflective look at 2012

Posted by Paul Williams, Chief Executive on 09 January 2013

2012 was always going to be a big year for Seafish. A new Board to bed in, a new structure with industry Sector Panels to be organised and, once all of that was in place, a new corporate plan to be agreed. At the start of the year there were quite a few people who were telling me that th...more

Seafood at it best

Posted by Karen Green, Industry Environmental Communications on 27 November 2012

I had the great pleasure to attend the Billingsgate Seafood School Celebration of Sustainable Fish and Shellfish event on Wednesday 21 November. This is an annual event to showcase the best seafood available to UK consumers.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the presentations and the won...more

£150m skills fund announced for employers in England

Posted by Lee Cooper, Training Development Team Leader on 23 November 2012

Round 2 of the Employer Ownership of Skills pilot is now open according to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. This fund is available to employers in England who want to raise skills, create jobs and invest in their workforce. UKCES Chairman Charlie Mayfield, wants to encourage ...more

GOAL2012: Sustainable Aquaculture

Posted by Ivan Bartolo, Regulation on 13 November 2012

I had wanted to see a prawn farm for some time so I was delighted that the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA), who run the GOAL conferences, had organised a farm visit for delegates attending GOAL 2012 in Thailand.

Early in the morning we piled into two minibuses and travelled t...more

Sea trials on MFV Amity to test the use of plastic grids in a nephrops trawl

Posted by Mike Montgomerie, Gear Technologist on 01 November 2012

Recently Gus Caslake and I spent a week with skipper Jimmy Buchan onboard his trawler MFV Amity in the North Sea testing several different designs of selective grids for nephrops trawls. The project is managed and part funded by Seafish with the remainder of the funding coming from Marin...more

Where’s the devil….?

Posted by Phil MacMullen, Head of Environmental Responsibility on 25 October 2012

At the recent Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum meeting on CFP reform the Devil was clearly in the detail!

Speaker after speaker - from Franz Lamplmair, Bertie Armstrong, Barrie Deas, John Robb, and yours truly - noted that, particularly in Europe, fine intentions are often d...more

Fishing industry's safety and health

Posted by Keir Day, Safety Theme Leader on 10 October 2012

Some time ago Jon Harman and I thought of looking at how safety approaches differed globally and the need to look at those different approaches in order to improve the safety culture of our own industry and to share this information once collated. We started by visiting Iceland and, alth...more

Certification matters - Seafood Summit, Hong Kong, September 2012

Posted by Phil MacMullen, Head of Environmental Responsibility on 03 October 2012

I've been mulling over my observations from this year's Seaweb seafood summit in Hong Kong, seeing what stories there are to tell. I was there running a panel on the advantages of having better, industry-generated data throughout the supply chain. I managed to find four excellent speaker...more

Humber Seafood Summit reaches new heights

Posted by Julie Snowden, Project Manager, Seafish England on 26 September 2012

I've organised adventure holidays, workshops, dinner parties and social functions but never a conference, until I was asked to take on the responsibility for Seafish to organise the Humber Seafood Summit 2012.

It's all in the planning and boy, did we plan. Then at last, on the ...more