Getting back to full speed

Posted by Paul Williams on 21 June 2011

It has been a long 15 months since Seafish lost at the Court of Appeal and found that it could no longer draw levy on imported seafood. Three-quarters of our income disappeared overnight, so we were delighted last week when the Supreme Court judgment was issued, finally clarifying that l...more

World Oceans Day – from the CFP to the Filet-o-Fish

Posted by Phil MacMullen on 08 June 2011

It's World Oceans Day today and one of the events happening around the world is the GLOBE Forum in London, where politicians and some other interested parties will give their suggestions for improving the EU's Common Fisheries Policy (CFP...more

The under-reported threat of ocean acidification

Posted by Paul Williams on 31 May 2011

A journalist friend recently asked me if there was anything on seafood sustainability that hadn't already been done. The implication was that the public have seen so many scare stories on the disappearance of fish that they were a bit bored of it all. Given that most of the scare stories...more

Thoughts from Oz

Posted by Phil MacMullen on 27 May 2011

Phil MacMullen has sent this blog from Australia, where he's been invited to talk about Seafish and the Common Language Group.

Returning to ...more

Omega-3 – pills v pilchards

Posted by Karen Galloway on 23 May 2011

It was research into the Greenland's Inuit Eskimo population in the 1970s that led to the discovery of Omega-3. The low levels of coronary heart disease was hypothesised to be the result of the high levels of oil rich fish consumed by these populations and so a new science around lipids ...more

A seasonal blip or signs of things to come?

Posted by Jon Harman on 19 May 2011

Over the past couple of years we have heard the buzz phrase 'food security' being introduced into conversations on the development of policy, but how is this likely to manifest itself in the seafood sector?

The world fishing industry was displaying its wares at the more

Tackling discards: let’s get it right

Posted by Jon Harman on 16 May 2011

The House of Commons last week debated the issue of discards. We are strong supporters of the Fish Fight campaign but believe that there still needs to be an injection of balance into the debate.

The principle recipe followed by Hugh and ...more

The trouble with science

Posted by Philip MacMullen on 08 April 2011

Those interested in the status of the world's seafood resources will know that there are several high profile debates going on. Many of these have been between teams of researchers associated with Dan Pauly, Ray Hilborn and Boris Worm.

The most recent argument (sum...more


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