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Seafood Summit: Gauging Consumer Engagement and Perceptions of Sustainable Seafood

Posted by Julia Brooks on 28 January 2016

Sustainability is now the backbone of the seafood industry thanks to years and years of research and campaigning to ensure fish stocks are at healthy levels. However, engaging consumers with the sustainability message has always been a challenge. Whilst the public will express concerns a...more

Cooking with Confidence

Posted by Nigel Brown, The Nigel Brown Cookery Academy on 04 May 2012

Guest blog by Nigel Brown of The Nigel Brown Cookery Academy

Despite its growing popularity at home, it still remains the case that most people are most likely to choose seafood when they're eating out in restaurants. In my experience, many people are still reluctant to cook fis...more

Opportunities for seafood in the growing, £53bn commercial foodservice market

Posted by Julia Brooks, Market Insight Analyst on 06 October 2016

The recent Humber Seafood Summit gave me the opportunity to present my research findings relating to seafood's performance in the growing £53bn foodservice market. My research combined market performance (from NPD Crest) with menu trends (from Technomic) and highlighted several key oppor...more