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Celebrating Sustainable Seafood Awards at Billingsgate

Posted by Libby Woodhatch, Head of Advocacy on 25 November 2013

It was x-factor time at Billingsgate Seafood School last week with the annual Celebration of Sustainable Seafood, which I was fortunate to chair. I say fortunate as it was an opportunity to spend a day with people who not only care about sustainability, but care passionately about the in...more

Alphabet Oils

Posted by Jon Harman, Operations Director on 21 March 2012

Research by my colleague, Karen Galloway (Head of Marketing at Seafish) and her team consistently shows that consumers now have a good understanding of the significant health benefits of consuming fish oils. Karen explored in her more

My Fish Top Ten!

Posted by Heather Middleton, Promotions and Marketing Manager on 16 April 2012

As one of Seafish's newest recruits and being tasked with carefully minding the 'Fish is the Dish' baby for Jo Dunlop while she's on maternity leave, I've learned a lot in my first two months. As a Marketer I could probably ta...more

Omega-3 – pills v pilchards

Posted by Karen Galloway on 23 May 2011

It was research into the Greenland's Inuit Eskimo population in the 1970s that led to the discovery of Omega-3. The low levels of coronary heart disease was hypothesised to be the result of the high levels of oil rich fish consumed by these populations and so a new science around lipids ...more

Seafood deserves a medal - Mel Groundsell February Blog

Posted on 15 February 2017

For those of us with an interest in seafood consumption growth, it's hard not to feel optimistic. Firstly, after years of a downward sloping demographic of aging fish eaters, things are looking decidedly on the up, with a new, younger generation of diners turning to seafood in a que...more