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Addressing the issue of ‘choke’ species in a mixed fishery

Posted on 24 January 2014

One particular aspect of the landings obligation that worries me is the phenomena of 'choke' species. This is a potentially disastrous situation whereby a lack of quota for one particular species may prevent you from risking going to sea and fishing in case you catch that species. If thi...more

Challenges ahead for the new Fisheries Minister

Posted by Barrie Deas, Chief Executive, NFFO on 12 November 2013

All the signs are that George Eustice will be a competent and hardworking fisheries minister. Time will tell if he will be an outstanding one.

At the recent stakeholder meeting with UK ministers in Edinburgh, he displayed an impressive grasp of the key issues and much of the de...more

Opinion Piece - The Grocer - CFP Reform

Posted by Paul Williams, Chief Executive on 28 May 2013

The fish talks (13 and 14 May) were another step towards a reformed Common Fisheries Policy but we are not there yet. It is all still about negotiation. The Irish Presidency is working hard to make the reform happen as quickly as possible and to this effect secured an agreement which all...more

Where’s the devil….?

Posted by Phil MacMullen, Head of Environmental Responsibility on 25 October 2012

At the recent Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum meeting on CFP reform the Devil was clearly in the detail!

Speaker after speaker - from Franz Lamplmair, Bertie Armstrong, Barrie Deas, John Robb, and yours truly - noted that, particularly in Europe, fine intentions are often d...more

Certification matters - Seafood Summit, Hong Kong, September 2012

Posted by Phil MacMullen, Head of Environmental Responsibility on 03 October 2012

I've been mulling over my observations from this year's Seaweb seafood summit in Hong Kong, seeing what stories there are to tell. I was there running a panel on the advantages of having better, industry-generated data throughout the supply chain. I managed to find four excellent speaker...more

Sustainable fisheries in a changing world

Posted by Libby Woodhatch, Head of Advocacy on 19 September 2012

The Oceans of Potential Conference in Plymouth this week was my first outing as Head of Advocacy at Seafish, and I thought it may be a lively start with the main draw a panel session to discuss, "Sustainable fisheries in a changing world". A marquee crammed with scientists, conservationi...more

Irish Sea Cod Selectivity project

Posted by Mike Montgomerie, Gear Technologist on 09 August 2012

Seafish have just completed a cod selectivity project in the Irish Sea nephrops fishery. The project, funded by Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) through the European Fisheries Fund, was led by Gear Technologist Mike Montgomerie. The aim of this project was to d...more

Roll up, Roll up! South West gear trial reports success

Posted by Gus Caslake, Fishing Technologist on 19 July 2012

My latest trip was to be onboard the Barentszee a 30 metre beam trawler from Brixham. I was joining Shaun Gibbs and crew to carry out sea trials looking at a replacing a standard rubber hoppered ground gear with a concept rollerball system. The roller ball system had been designed by Dar...more

Evolution not revolution!

Posted by Bill Lart Sustainability and Data Advisor on 30 May 2012

Assessing sustainability has become increasingly important for governments, and industry. At the recent World Fisheries Congress, representatives from all sides considered stock assessments as the key basis for action. Fish sourced from non-assessed stocks risks losing its market, yet fu...more

SAGB conference delivers positive messages

Posted by Karen Green, Industry Environmental Communications on 25 May 2012

The spectacular Fishmongers' Hall was once again the venue for the Shellfish Association of Great Britain's very well attended annual conference. The SAGB twitter feed is full of congratulations about the content of the presentations, the passio...more