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SeaWeb Seafood Summit 2015

Posted by Paul Williams, Chief Executive on 11 February 2015

One of the issues that we regularly debate in Seafish is attendance at international seafood conferences. We try hard to make sure that we are balancing the costs of travel and of losing staff from the day job, with the benefits of getting new knowledge and sharing our progre...more

SeaWeb Seafood Summit – Putting social issues on the agenda

Posted by Tom Pickerell, Technical Director on 20 February 2015

Around 500 sea-foodies from retail, food service, restaurant, catching and farming sectors, Governments and NGOs attended the 11th Seafood Summit in New Orleans last week. This was the first time the Summit had returned to the USA since Sa...more

Seafood Summit: Addressing data-deficient fisheries

Posted by Dr. Phil Macmullen on 22 January 2016

Data-deficient fisheries are formally defined as fisheries on stocks that are not fully evaluated in relation to primary stock status and fishing mortality management reference points.  It has been estimated that we lack regular assessment data for more than 90% of our Earth's fishe...more

Certification matters - Seafood Summit, Hong Kong, September 2012

Posted by Phil MacMullen, Head of Environmental Responsibility on 03 October 2012

I've been mulling over my observations from this year's Seaweb seafood summit in Hong Kong, seeing what stories there are to tell. I was there running a panel on the advantages of having better, industry-generated data throughout the supply chain. I managed to find four excellent speaker...more

Seafish Roundup - Marcus Coleman's June Blog

Posted on 15 June 2017

It's been a busy few months here at Seafish Towers and now that election purdah has passed, I'm pleased to be able to update you on what's been going on. In April, we attended the largest global gathering of seafood stakeholders - The Seafood Expo in Brussels. This year there were 1,700 ...more