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A fishy farewell to 2014

Posted by Dr Paul Williams, Chief Executive on 08 December 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, and we come close to wrapping up the present Corporate Plan, it seems a good opportunity to look back at the year. With our Technical Director in place (Tom Pickerell) and with a Corporate Relations Director joining us during the year (Mel Groundsell) I was look...more

Humber Seafood Summit 2013

Posted by Anita Barker, Chair of Humber Seafood Group on 15 October 2013

As I walked through the foyer of the Humber Royal on Wednesday the 18th, I was overwhelmed by how much the event has grown since 2010. The project forums, formerly planned in small break-out rooms, had to be moved to our main conference room to accommodate the two hundred dele...more

Humber Seafood Summit reaches new heights

Posted by Julie Snowden, Project Manager, Seafish England on 26 September 2012

I've organised adventure holidays, workshops, dinner parties and social functions but never a conference, until I was asked to take on the responsibility for Seafish to organise the Humber Seafood Summit 2012.

It's all in the planning and boy, did we plan. Then at last, on the ...more

Opportunities for seafood in the growing, £53bn commercial foodservice market

Posted by Julia Brooks, Market Insight Analyst on 06 October 2016

The recent Humber Seafood Summit gave me the opportunity to present my research findings relating to seafood's performance in the growing £53bn foodservice market. My research combined market performance (from NPD Crest) with menu trends (from Technomic) and highlighted several key oppor...more

Seafish Roundup October 2016

Posted by Mel Groundsell on 12 October 2016

The theme of this year's Humber Seafood Summit was 'Supply and Demand' and there were good helpings of both on offer. In terms of quality speakers, inspiring subjects and genuine insight, there was certainly plentiful supply, and from the feedback received over the course of the day, dem...more

Seafish Round Up Blog December 2016

Posted on 13 December 2016

I don't know about you, but I always feel like December is a time for reflection and for planning ahead. I'm feeling this way even more so than usual this year as it was just twelve months ago that I was offered my job at Seafish.

I'm really pleased to say that my reflections on...more