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Seafish Round Up July 2016

Posted by Marcus Coleman on 13 July 2016

If ever there was a time for the UK Seafood Industry to set aside individual self-interests and work collaboratively together, this is it. The EU referendum outcome has clearly surprised a lot of people and businesses. It does, however, present opportunities to improve the business envir...more

Who the Cod do you believe?

Posted by Philip MacMullen, Head of Environment on 11 June 2012

On the same day I read, 'Norway, Iceland cod stocks booming', 'Cod will vanish in 10 years', 'EU: fish stocks improving', and 'EU...could decide whether species go on hurtling towards extinction'.

Whilst I could subscribe to much of the medicine prescribed in the Sunday Times '...more

Could aquaculture be the solution to feed an ever growing global population?

Posted by Lee Cocker, Aquaculture Manager on 15 July 2016

The 13th of July was declared Fish Dependence Day in the EU, the day that the EU used up all its domestic catch for consumption and will now have to rely on seafood imports from the rest of the world to meet consumption demands for the remainder of 2016.

It's a little tongue in ...more

Seafish Roundup October 2016

Posted by Mel Groundsell on 12 October 2016

The theme of this year's Humber Seafood Summit was 'Supply and Demand' and there were good helpings of both on offer. In terms of quality speakers, inspiring subjects and genuine insight, there was certainly plentiful supply, and from the feedback received over the course of the day, dem...more

Seafish Round Up Blog December 2016

Posted on 13 December 2016

I don't know about you, but I always feel like December is a time for reflection and for planning ahead. I'm feeling this way even more so than usual this year as it was just twelve months ago that I was offered my job at Seafish.

I'm really pleased to say that my reflections on 2016 ...more